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Fill in the Blank— Drinks 'N Data:
Both Can Give You A Headache
Best Used in Moderation
Always Use Both Responsibly
If You're Doing it Alone,You May Have a Problem
Education Increases Satisfaction
Always Risky For a Newbie
So Many Options, So Little Time
If Either Gets Stolen,You've Got a Problem
It's Only Good to Be Under the Influence of One of Them
Ignorance is Expensive
Only One Makes You Think More Clearly
Gluttony is a Cruel Mistress
Learn from Someone with Experience
Quality Over Quantity
Both Can Make You Look Stupid
Share Responsibly
Both Can Be Bitter
Both are Better with Cheese
Both Can Make Great Gifts
Both Can Make Your Head Hurt
Only One Makes it Difficult to Operate Heavy Equipment
Rules Are There to Protect
Both Can Be Abused
Spending More Isn't Always Better
Intervention is Sometimes Required
Faster Isn't Always Better
Experience Increases Satisfaction

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'N Data Proverb

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